Team Members


Amanda Raiter

Team Role: Website designer and biology adviser.

Amanda is a Marine biology major whom wants to study the deep ocean. The skies have always been an interest and she joined the team in the summer of 2016.

Sophie Fangyi Zhu 朱芳

Team Role: Math & Physics Champion

Fangyi is a junior at LBCC dual majoring in Physics and Mathematics. Fangyi chose these two majors to support her future plans to be an astronaut and cosmologist. Fangyi is deeply passionate about exploration and research as it relates to the studies of the universe. She enjoys playing table tennis and has been practicing Kung Fu in her spare time for seven years.

Favorite Film: Forrest Gump

“Awesome Dawson” Riethmayer

 Team Role: Launch Master

Favorite quote: “ The greater danger for most of us lies not in setting our aim too high and falling short; but in setting our aim too low, and achieving our mark. “ Michelangelo

Dawson was born in College Station, Texas. He is taking classes at LBCC to become a mechanical engineer because he loves to solve problems.

Samuel Barnard

Team Role: Director of RnD

Samuel is working on his Associate Science degree with a focus on Engineering at LBCC. He joined the H.A.B. team because he enjoys the design and building process and is a space science enthusiast. In his spare time, he enjoys playing video games. Samuel hopes to one day become a mechanical engineer.

Andrew Morrill     

Team Role: H.A.B. Software Technician

Andrew, is 23 and majoring in Computer Science at LBCC.  Andrew has had a lifelong interest in video game design and programming and has begun to create his own.  If you catch him in a stare it’s most likely he’s thinking through game design and mechanics.

Favorite Film: Avatar

 Audrey Vaughn

Team Role: Project Manager

Audrey is an Oregon State University and Linn-Benton Community College student majoring in mechanical engineering with an aerospace engineering minor. She joined the space club when she began attending LBCC and has shifted from performing lift calculations for the team, to becoming one of it’s project managers. In the future, she hopes to do flight plans, simulations, or design in the aerospace field.

Evan Schreiber

Team Role: Payload Harness Technician, Marketing Coordinator, Graphic Artist

Evan is a sophomore studying mechanical engineering at LBCC.  He hopes to one day put his engineering skills to work at NASA.  In his spare time, he enjoys listening to music, making art, and hiking Oregon.

Favorite quote: “What a time to be alive”

Michael Wu

Team Role: CAD Technician

Michael Wu, is a freshman at LBCC studying mechanical engineering with a minor in aerospace engineering. Michael has a great passion for astronomy and hopes to someday work for NASA and become an astronaut.

Future plans: To view Earth from space

Osvaldo “Oz” Galvez

Team Role: Team Co-Leader, Project Management Wizard, Photography

Osvaldo is studying Construction Engineering Management at LBCC. He enjoys working with like-minded individuals who dream of working on aerospace projects: planning, testing. Osvaldo loves being involved with the high-altitude ballooning team and invest himself in a project that reflects the amazing opportunities that only Linn-Benton Community College offers.

Favorite Film: The live stream on NASA TV: Total Solar Eclipse August 21, 2017.

Tyler Randolph

Team Role: Master of all trades, Technical Leader

Tyler is majoring in mechanical engineering with a focus on applied mobility and robotics.  He enjoys both design and fabrication and working hands-on.  In his spare time, Tyler enjoys tinkering with other mechanical equipment including motorcycles, RC stuff, rockets, and robotics.

Favorite Film:  The Martian

Parker The Godfather  Swanson

Team Role: Project Advisor

Parker Swanson, was “bitten” by the electronics bug at the age of 13, when he learned Morse code, earned a ham radio license, and built his first transmitter from WW2 surplus and an old juke box.

Parker says his relationship with NASA’s Oregon Space Grant Consortium (OSGC) and his role as Team advisor have been life-changing. He and the Team celebrate three years of intense, very enjoyable NASA sounding-rocket projects, and now our Eclipse Ballooning Mission.

Favorite Lifelong Activity: Bike-commuting 120 miles a week to work

Zachary Lee

Team Role: CAD Design and Electronics Virtuoso

Zachary Lee likes dogs, hikes, and long walks on the beaches. He- Wait, what do you mean wrong-  Oh!

Please ignore that folks.

My name is Zachary Lee. I’m an Electrical Engineering and Physics major from Corvallis, Oregon. This year I’ll be turning 20, but for now I’m stuck at 19 years old. During those 19 years, I’ve become interested in everything from engineering, to physics, to gaming and economics. Working at Subway doesn’t really have to do with any of that, but it pays the bills.

Space has been front and center of my interests for the past few years. I truly believe that we, as a species, won’t survive without expanding past our own planet. To do that, though, will require an insane amount of infrastructure that just doesn’t exist quite yet. I’d like to help create it.

Right now, I’ve been working with the electrical systems and design parts of the ballooning project. Going forward, I’m hoping to do more of the same, and possibly expand into some of the mechanical systems as well.

Derek Huff

Team role: TI-36X Pro

Derek Huff is majoring in Civil Engineering. His career goal is to obtain his Professional Engineer license and to specialize in green construction. His hobbies include camping, hiking, golf, snowboarding.

Derek’s responsibilities within our Space Ex group are various: Payload Design, Balloon filling station, anything else that needs help and doesn’t involve programming….

Delphine Le Brun Colon

 Team role: Team Co-Leader, Rigging & Payload Electronics Improvement

Country of Origin: Communist France

Delphine led the LBCC Space Exploration Team during our ambitious Gamma Ray Polarimeter experiment in 2016, and now serves as the cornerstone of our team. She is a sophomore studying mechanical engineering and plans to become an aerospace engineer to contribute to humanity’s grand journey into space. If the opportunity came into her life, she’d sign up to be an astronaut in a heartbeat. Delphine will be spending the summer as a NASA intern at Marshall Space Flight Center. Her work will be to support testing and integration of the RS-25 engine.

Hobbies include: Hiking, running, climbing, not showering, and spending time with friends.

 My Tran

 Team Role: Hidden Genius – parachute/payload design, gps, launch activities

My Nu Huyen Tran is from Vietnam. She is majoring in both Business and Computer Science. Her horoscope is Leo. My has had a strong passion for space since she was a child. She would look up to the sky and wonder who we are in this huge universe hmm… Thus she dreams of, one day, working for NASA! Why? Because it’s where computer and space converge! My is not sure about the specific job she will get to do in the future but she would like to be employed in the US after graduation. She would enjoy a job related to graphics and design.

One fun thing about My: She never liked Physics until she took it at LBCC taught by Greg Mulder.

My’s hobbies: Photography (she has 15ish thousand photos in her phone @.@), but also, traveling, exploring, organizing etc.

Her favorite show: Prison Break



 Team Role: Ground Station Specialist

Age: 21

Major: Computer Science

Jeremy is not really sure what he wants for a career. Maybe something in video game development. In his free time, he likes to play video games, particularly World of Warcraft.

In the space club, Jeremy has worked on the video payload, but also the video stitching system, and the tracking system. Jeremy has become a key expert with the ground station. He ran and tested the old tracking system. He is now writing and testing the new system and modifying the ground station as needed.


Ravi Umesh

 Team Role: The Secretary

Ravi is a Mechanical Engineering student, he is 22. Ravi’s dream Job is working as an engineer at one of NASA’s space centers. Ravi has worked on many different aspects of the project primarily with designing the payload.

His hobbies include snowboarding, hiking, sports, outdoor activities and watching youtube videos.

Favorite Movie: Back to the Future.


Matthew Lucas

 Team role: Lucky Charm, Project Manager

Matt is a Mechanical Engineering student from Central California with dreams of one day working for Tesla, and/or Space-X. Matt’s grandfather worked for McDonald Douglas and built “Hot Walkers” (horse walkers) on the side for a living. Matt grew up working along his own father and grandfather in their shops, and caught the itch of mechanical wizardly from an early age. This in correlation with Elon Musk’s vision of the future has inspired Matt to undertake engineering. Carl Sagan and Neil deGrasse Tyson have been the driving forces behind Matt’s fascination with Space and is excited to be apart of the team. In his free time Matt enjoys music producing, bread making, repairing cars and spending time with his wife of course!